[Watch] Weak Portland Police Destroyed by Antifa on New Years Eve

The weakest police department in the Continental United States was beaten badly by a group of angry teenage children again.   Antifa rioted on New Years Eve in Portland, and yet again, the feeble police department couldn’t stop them.   Antifa started by throwing motar fireworks, bricks, firebombs, and other various deadly objects at police.

The Portland Police responded by doing the same thing they always do, running and hiding as the private businesses that front the bill for their paychecks are destroyed.   The Portland Police declared the protest unlawful because that always stops Antifa in their tracks.   To their immediate surprise, their unlawful order only incited the crowd, which began throwing mortars, bricks, and bottles of fluids at the police.

The Portland Police knew they were no match for a group of angry teenage children, so they retreated back into the night as the businesses in the area that pay taxes were destroyed:

I personally am very PRO Police, but I believe some take that too far.   I hear people tell me “The police were given a stand-down order they couldn’t do anything.”   I ask these people, does the stand-down order prevent the police from seeking a new job in a different city?     It doesn’t does it?   If the police are given a stand-down order that doesn’t bother them enough to inspire them to seek a job elsewhere.   If you’re compliant with the problem, you are a part of the problem.

Police need to retire from these cities and let the mayors, police chiefs, and anyone else telling them to stand down to defend their city by themselves.   That would instantly solve this problem.

Source: Breitbart

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