NYT Best Seller Wants to Beat Christians to Death For Not Wearing Masks

A New York Times best selling author wants to beat people to death for not wearing a mask. On New Year’s Eve, New York Times bestselling author Kurt Eichenwald wished pain & misery on Republicans and said that he wants to find anti-maskers and beat them to death. Eichenwald also scolded anti-mask F***ING Christians who believe God will save them from Covid-19. He claims Jesus condemns them.

“It’s at a moment like this that I want to find an antimasker and beat them to death. Since they believe they have the right to kill others, they have surrendered any right to object. #CategoricalImperative.” – Kurt Eichenwald

The post was removed from Twitter for violating policy. After facing backlash Eichenwald would later tweet that he wasn’t suggesting violence. A strange thing to say after you suggest beating someone to death.

Eichenwald tweeted hatred for Christians the previous night:

“You F***** “Christians” who preen about God saving you from COVID so you dont need masks. Youre what Jesus condemns. You kill with hypocrisy. Read Matthew 25:41-46. If you realize the Bible is about more than hating gays, you’ll realize: For your selfishness, you’ll burn in hell” – Kurt Eichenwald

One must wonder how such a hateful bigot can be a best-selling author.

Source: Daily Wire

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