Ted Cruz Accuses Lin Wood of Helping Liberals Take Country Over

Ted Cruz believes Lin Wood is trying to help liberals take over the country. During an interview with Breitbart on Saturday, Cruz said that anyone pushing the theory that conservatives should stay home on Tuesday has a different agenda in mind. Cruz believes they want the hard left to take over this country:

“Look, I’m angry about the abuse of power that we’ve seen. Voter fraud is a real problem. It’s a persistent problem. It’s a problem in Georgia and across the country, but the answer isn’t to stay home and hand control of the government over to the radical left and over to the extreme socialists. Those pushing the theory that conservatives should stay home on Tuesday — they’ve got a different agenda in mind. They want the hard left to take over this country.” – Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is taking an indirect shot at both Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell told attendees at a press conference on December 2nd that they should not vote in the upcoming election until state leaders fix the alleged issue of voter fraud. Wood later told the New Yorker that hundreds of thousands of Georgians are not going back to the polls out of disgust for the Georgia GOP. Wood has been the biggest vocal supporter of not voting in Georgia. Some media outlets such as Breitbart claim Wood has a history of supporting Democrats, although he claims to be Republican.

Lin Wood has recently caused division among Trump supporters, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Yesterday, Wood suggested Pence should be arrested for treason and face execution by a firing squad. That led many Trump supporters to condemn his words, while others rushed to defend him. Even former clients of Lin Wood weren’t too happy:

If we lose both Senate seats in Georgia on the 5th, we lose America. If you live in Georgia, get out there and vote. If you do nothing, you are handing a rubber stamp to the Democrats to pass whatever law they want.

Source: Breitbart

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