Lin Wood Latest Tweets on Trump Raises Concerns

Lin Wood has written some strange tweets on his Twitter account on January 4th. Lin Wood stated in his tweet that he has been blocked from contacting the President in some way. Lin Wood claims Trump has walls around him, and that Wood now has to use social media to get his message to the president:

What wall around the President is Lin Wood talking about? Wood goes on to talk about an alleged blackmail scheme where targets are held at gunpoint and forced to murder children on video. Wood talks about a man named Isaac Kappy who died in 2019. Wood claims Kappy has the evidence that was apparently hacked by “lizzardmen”. The evidence is supposed to prove the above scheme.

Lin Wood posted these tweets in-between fake news posts. I’m very puzzled as to why someone with Wood’s investigative skills would so carelessly post information he hasn’t verified or researched. Isn’t that his job? The bottom two posts are obvious fake news.  I have a problem with the last one that mentioned a Georgia election investigative team member was shot at 5 times through his home window. That is obviously fake news, and I can’t believe that an attorney wouldn’t even spend a moment investigating it before posting it to his 1 million followers. Lin Wood was also tagging Trump, as if he was trying to get Trump to retweet fake news.

Here, Lin Wood admitted to tweeting a link to someone who was notorious for fraud schemes and fake news.
This never happened, nobody was shot at in Georgia over the election dispute.

Around the same time, The Lincoln Project, a notorious Anti-Trump group that contributed to Trump losing the election, posted an ad that featured Lin Wood. The ad tells people not to vote in the Georgia elections, which would destroy the country:


So ask yourself the following questions throughout the most important day in Georgia’s political history:
Why is Donald Trump telling people to vote in the Senate races today, while Lin Wood is telling people not to?
Why is Lin Wood telling people Pence should be shot by a firing squad?
Why is Lin Wood posting obvious fake news and tagging the president?
Why is Lin Wood suddenly using public social media to communicate with the president, why can’t he just call him? Or visit him?
Why is Lin Wood telling people Kelly Loeffler doesn’t stand with Trump? She is going to challenge the election results, and where was Trump last night? (he was in Georgia trying to get people to vote)

Ask yourself what is going on here?

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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem
10 months ago

We live on a very strange planet where every life form survives by eating another life form.