Lin Wood, The Lifelong Democrat that Destroyed America

Whether you like it or not, Lin Wood is factually a major reason why both Kelly Loeffler and Perdue, especially Perdue, lost the Georgia senate runoff races.  Lin wood spent the eve of the elections tweeting fake news suggesting people supporting republican candidates were going to be shot and spent election day discouraging people from voting. In the days leading up to the election, he accused Mike Pence of raping a child because someone forced him to and joined forces with the “lizardmen”.  I mean, take it right from the horse’s mouth:

fake news intended to keep people from voting, nobody was shot

Lin Wood, the lifelong democrat, got exactly what he wanted Tuesday night. Trump supporters did not show up nearly as much as they did in November, especially in the southern parts of the state. The rural vote was just not there.

Now, thanks to Lin Wood, we can look forward to losing our gun rights, never having another republican president, and citizenship for millions upon millions of illegal immigrants. Oh, did I mention goodbye Parler? Yeah, that too. Democrats hate Parler and believe social media needs more censorship than it has now. Have you looked at how tech companies’ stocks have gone down today? They’ll survive, Parler won’t.

Democrats now have a rubber stamp to pass whatever law they want, and when they get rid of the filibuster, the Republicans will have absolutely no power to stop them.

When they add Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. as states, the Democrats will outnumber Republicans in every US election. Republicans will never have a majority in anything.

Did Lin Wood ever tell anyone how he intends to contest election fraud when the democrats have total power in the government?
Did you ever ask yourself why Lin Wood hasn’t been at a Trump rally in weeks?
Did you wonder why the Trump campaign distanced themselves from Lin Wood this week?

Well now you should know why.

Source: Breitbart

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