[VIDEO] Protesters are in the Capitol Building, Electoral College Certification Halts

Protesters have entered the capital building:

The Electoral College certification halts as protesters enter the Capitol Building. Whitehouse officials have been ordered to shelter in place:

Lawmakers have been ordered to wear gas masks due to tear gas being used in the capital building:

“Due to police activity, all personnel are advised to relocate from the Cannon House Office Building to the Rayburn and Longworth House Office Buildings through the underground tunnels. Do not evacuate outside the buildings. All personnel should shelter in place in the Rayburn and Longworth House Office buildings.”

Per Fox News’ Chad Pergram: “The mob has overtaken the process of trying to certify the electoral college. Security has utterly failed.”

A curfew has been ordered for D.C.

Donald Trump has lashed out at Mike Pence:

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William Poole

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