[Breaking] MSNBC Host Caught Inciting Washington DC Riots

Screenshots have surfaced of an MSNBC host impersonating a Trump supporter which may have helped incite the D.C. riots. Ali Velshi considers himself a champion of combating fake news. I wonder how he’s going to explain purposefully spreading fake news that could have incited the riots:

The Media spent the entire day telling you that the riot happened because Trump convinced his followers that Pence could overturn the election results when indeed he couldn’t. The explanation we are given is after the crowd learned that Pence was not going to overturn the results, the riots started. How does MSNBC explain one of their hosts posting the same theory on Parler to incite Trump supporters?

Fellow liberals celebrated Velshi attempting to incite a riot:

Velshi uses the same phrases and the same hashtags that his media company claims incited the riot. I keep hearing people say Trump should be charged for inciting the riots based on this rhetoric. If we’re talking about having people arrested for their rhetoric, then we must include Ali Velshi in that conversation.

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