Lin Wood Has Been Bullshitting You The Entire Time, Here’s the Proof

Lin Wood’s recent conspiracy theory came crashing down when Mike Pence refused to invoke the 25th amendment to forcefully remove President Trump from office. Lin Wood spent the entire day on Twitter calling Mike Pence a child molester.  He suggested Mike Pence was involved in an attempt to overthrow the presidency:

Mike Pence had the opportunity to attempt this takeover by invoking the 25th Amendment, he refused.  Mike Pence said he is against invoking the 25th amendment. Pence wants Trump to finish his term.  If Lin Wood’s bat sh*t crazy conspiracy theories were true, Pence would have invoked the 25th plain and simple.

Lin Wood also pushed lies about Antifa being the people inside the Capital building.   Andy Ngo corrected him, and then Lin Wood attacked Andy Ngo:

I will say that there may have been a few members of Antifa or BLM among the crowd, but a majority of the violence that happened inside of the Capitol building was not done by Antifa and BLM. Why would Andy Ngo and a million other people lie about that?  Lin Wood also pushed more lies about Antifa when he began labeling confirmed QAnon members as Antifa:

Spencer Sunshine?  The guy’s name is Jake Angeli. He is well known. He’s the QAnon Shaman.  The above picture is also photoshopped and cropped in an effort to mislead you, take a closer look at the real picture below:

Still don’t want to believe it? Well here it is straight from the horse’s mouth:


I want you to pause for a second and clear your mind and ask yourself this one question.  If Lin Wood is this big badass attorney, how could he get something that’s so simple to investigate so wrong? Angelis is a very well known person. How could Wood miss that?

This is just going over 3 hours of Lin Wood’s Twitter account. If I were to show you all the lies this man posts in a week, we’d be here all day.

Lin Wood didn’t just fool you, he fooled the President. You see, the Vice President could overturn the results of an election until the Electoral Count Act of 1887. Go google that and read it yourself, or read it here.  It SPECIFICALLY limits the vice president’s power. In 1857, after James Buchanan’s win, the Senate president overruled an objection against Wisconsin electors who had been delayed in their certification process by a snowstorm in 1856. This is why the Electoral Count Act of 1887 was made into law. The Vice President can only “preside” not “decide”. That’s the law.

Donald Trump trusted Lin Wood for legal advice, and what Lin Wood did is nothing short of malpractice, which is why people are trying to have him disbarred. The legal advice he gave to the president not only convinced the president of something that wasn’t true, but he also turned the president against Mike Pence. Lin Wood’s advice riled up everyone who supported Trump, who believed if they showed up on January 6th, they could overturn the results of the election. When they realized this wasn’t true, an event happened that will be used to take over our civil liberties away from us for decades.

He set us up for failure. He set Trump up for failure with awful legal advice. Let’s look at the results and not the words. Lin Wood has lost every case he has filed regarding election fraud. He hasn’t even come close. His lawsuits are so frivolous they are in the process of having him disbarred. Was there election fraud? Sure there was. Can Mike Pence overturn the results of an election? He hasn’t been able to do that since 1887. Have you figured it out yet?

There is no Kraken, Trump admitted that on January 7th.

The scar from what happened on January 6th will take generations to heal. The least we can all do is stop listening to Lin Wood’s bullshit.

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William Poole

William Poole

When they ask me about my political views, I tell them "I know nothing."

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Jim carter
Jim carter
10 months ago

Man you have it all figured out..I’m impressed William you should try and work for Twitter in the Debunked department.. I know nothing about Lin wood or any of his bullshit-but I do know that Donald Trump will have spaghetti for dinner tomorrow night and fish and chips on Sunday.. Monday he may get impeached or he may eat a big Apple. But we’ll see. I enjoyed your article