Parler May Only Go Down for 12 Hours, Stop Worrying

The liberal media is spreading fake news at an alarming rate today.  Many fake news websites like Vox, claimed that Parler will disappear forever tonight at midnight.  This just simply isn’t true:

Let me explain – Amazon AWS hosts the website Parler. That means they host the Parler files, databases, and code that is necessary for Parler to run. When Amazon shuts the service off at midnight tonight, the Parler website will TEMPORARILY go down. Parler will then begin the process (they probably already have) of moving their data from Amazon to another host. When the move is complete, Parler will update their services to direct users to the new website, and everything will go back to being normal.

You need to make sure you keep checking the site to see when it comes back up. Don’t flee to Gab or Telegram, you are on Parler. Gab/Telegram doesn’t have the numbers that Parler does, and it serves us no purpose in being fractured across many social media platforms. Parler will come back up, you’ll still be able to use it on your phone, but you just have to be patient, and you CANNOT climb back on Zuckerberg or Dorsey’s lap.

The downtime can take anywhere from 12 hours to 1 week. According to Mark Levin, it’ll be 12 hours. We believe it’ll be 2 – 4 days. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated.

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William Poole

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